Cobra Inside

The next time you buy your printer, monitor or any peripherals, remember to ask for a Cobra Cable or simply look for the Cobra Inside logo (as shown on the left).

This product is patent pending.  Infringement of its patent rights is punishable by law to the maximum.

Do you face these problems?
  • Not enough power points?!!
  • Untidy cables?!!
  • $40 for an extension cable?!!

We have the solution.
  • Cheap.  Just $4 instead of a $40 extension cable.
  • Cheaper for bulk purchase.
  • Neat because one Cobra connects to another.
  • One power point is all you need.
  • Click here for other advantages.

Vendors and equipment manufacturers are welcome to bundle our Cobra Cable and logo with their equipment.

Pricing and online purchase
Please enquire with Hiwire Data & Security Pte Ltd for bulk orders and pricing:

List of our dealers

Hiwire Data & Security Pte Ltd
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#08-06 Textile Centre
Singapore 199018

Tel: (65) 62930128  Fax: (65) 62931984
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