Installation for Home Loan Mobile 9


  1. Please ensure that you have Palm Desktop installed.
  2. Click on this file HLA9setup.prc to download it into your PC.
  3. In your PC, click the file HLA9setup.prc and choose open. Your Palm Install Tool from the Palm Desktop will be activated. Click OK and press your palm HotSync button.
  4. After the HotSync completes, the HomeLoan Mobile will be automatically installed.
  5. Activate the software by tapping on the HomeLoan 9 Icon on your Palm.
  6. The Registration Form will appeal for the first time, thus give us a ring ( 62930128  ) and provide us the CHALLENGE CODE, our staff will give you the SERIAL NUMBER and RESPONSE CODE accordingly.

  1. Below is the Home Loan main menu.







  1. How much spaces are required to install the HomeLoan Mobile?

         The size of HomeLoan9setup.prc is 432KB and the size after installation will be roughly 1.2M.


  1. What is the difference between HomeLoan Mobile 9 and Home Loan 9 (Desktop)?

         The HomeLoan Mobile contains almost all the features of Home Loan 9 except Cash Proceed.