Download HomeLoan 10 

HomeLoan 10 (Desktop version)

Either download to harddisk as a single big file, click loan10setup.exe (about 7.8Mbytes) - and run  to extract.

Note: During downloading, you will be prompted to save to disk.
Please remember the folder you saved to. For simplicity, you may save to the desktop.  Follow the instructions as shown on the screen when you run the installation program. HomeLoan program icon will be automatically created after successful installation.

OR Order a CD by calling our office.

Changes in version 10.86:
- Updated Stamp Duty calculation for Private Residential Property according to 2018 budget statement Changes in version 10.85:
- Updated Purchase of Hdb Resale (Subsidies rate) financial plan with one required "Cash" component instead of two (HDB appointments) - Updated Processing and Valuation Fees purchase of HDB Resale Flat
- Corrected all reports with the new fees and structure - Removed "Print to Text" features - Added/Enhanced Chinese & English report for "Print to HTML" in purchase of HDB resale computation Changes in version 10.66:
- Added "Estimate Affordability" calculator
- Removed "Estimated Seller Fees" Changes in version 10.65:
- Added "Remaining Lease (years)" for Hdb purchase computation as it affects amount of CPF that can be used.
Changes in version 10.64:
- Added "Fix monthly rental/Varable monthly rental" option for tenancy stamp fee computation
Changes in version 10.63:
- Minor changes to report layout
Changes in version 10.62:
- Update the new e-Stamping calculation on 22 Feb 2014
Changes in version 10.61:
- Update the new MSR annouced on 28 Aug 2013
Changes in version 10.56:
- Update valuation and resal admin fees
Changes in version 10.55:
- Corrected display 35% affordability ratio for Hdb subsidies rate loan
Changes in version 10.53:
- Added "Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty (ABSD)" user input field in Hdb Purchase using bank loan
Changes in version 10.52:
- Fix "data type mismatched" error in Hdb Purchase using bank loan
- Private Property Purchase: "Add'l Stamp Duty Amt" can now be save & retrieve Changes in version 10.51:
- Incorporate new MAS restrictions on bank loans announced on 12th Jan 2013
Changes in version 10.48:
- Incorporate new MAS restrictions on bank loans announced on 6th oct 2012
Changes in version 10.47:
- Increased HDb seller price to accept input of up 7 digits (millions)
Changes in version 10.46:
- Increased monthly CPF contribution income ceiling from $4.5k to $5k
Changes in version 10.45:
- Revised income ceiling to $10k for Hdb subsidies loan calculation
Changes in version 10.44:
- Improved Private Purchase Max Loan computation
Changes in version 10.43:
- Solve popup error (bug) when using HPIS calculation
Changes in version 10.42:
- Solve popup error (bug) when using HPIS calculation Changes in version 10.42:
- Revert to 10.40 desktop icon Changes in version 10.40/10.41:
- Suppot USB Dongle protection!
- Hdb Purchase (bank loan) Changes in version 10.28:
- 80% bank loan limit.
Changes in version 10.26:
- HPIS computation updated.
Changes in version 10.25:
- Stamp duty to compute based on purchase/valuation whichever is higher.
Changes in version 10.24:
- Minor changes to screen size to suit netbook.

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