IMPORTANT: The screen is only representative as the differ depending on banks, phones or PC.
Try to adapt according to your situation.

Step 1: Run your Bank app from your phone or PC. (screen may differ)
For PC, you will have to login first.
For phones, you shall select PAYNOW then login.

Step 2: LOGIN process is not shown because it's too varied.

Step 3: Normally, by default, it's mobile number and you have to change it to UEN (Unique Entity Number). The title could be "Send via" or "Type" or some other description.
Enter 199404012W for UEN
Enter Amount
Enter Remarks or Reference so we know who is making the payment, such as your name, invoice number, tel etc.

Step 4: Confirm. Verify if everything is correct then CONFIRM.

Step 5: Success. You may send the "Success" screen shot to the sales person or do nothing as there is already a description to track your payment.
Optionally, you may send us a simple message too.