Purchases By Credit Card (Through WorldPay Gateway)

After making your purchases, we will contact you within one working day. If you need your products urgently, please call us at 62930128. Some of these products require a response code to activate. You will have to contact us for the code.

Only Visa and Master Card are accepted for the time being. Visa Electron is not accepted here.

Refund Policy
For credit card payment via the Internet, we will give you physical cash/cheque refund (less 5% for admin charges) if you had made a wrong payment and return the product within 7 days.  Your credit card payment cannot be stopped; it will continue to be processed.  Additionally, we charge $90 for service and transport, if you need us to go to your site/office (Singapore only).
Delivery will be to Singapore addresses.

Payment for Ads Credit
If you had wanted to top up your ads credit, do not make payment here.
Please login at http://www.data.com.sg and click “MyAds” tab and proceed to top up there.
Your ads credit will be automatically credited to your login id upon successful payment. Thank you.

Payment for PowerSearch
($168/$268/$300/$388/$438 package)
Amount to pay = S$
(numbers only, do not use commas)

Other Payments

Please state the purpose for this payment (e.g. Invoice #1234):

Amount to pay = S$
eg. 1234.50 (numbers only, do not use commas)

HomeBiz Information System

Upgrading from Previous one version back to current

Print All (Supreme) New Purchase


Print All (Classic) New Purchase


Print 200 (Supreme) New Purchase


Print 200 (Classic) New Purchase


Print All (Supreme) upgrade


Print All (Classic) upgrade


Print 200 (Supreme) upgrade


Print 200 (Classic) upgrade


Prices are applicable for upgrading from one version back, of the same suite. For upgrading to a different suite or from a version more than 1 year ago, please contact us for quotation.

HomeLoan Calculator

This program is now bundled free with Powersearch.

Cobra Cables
Offer Price
10 Cobra cables (7 x 1.2m and 3 x 0.6m) worth S$46.50 


3 Cobra cables of 1.2m worth S$18.50


Delivery will be by mail and is to Singapore addresses only. For overseas destinations, additional charges applies. Please check with us via email.

Client Management Program (for Maid Agencies)

Amount to pay = S$
eg. 1234.50 (numbers only, do not use commas)