Power Search Help Instructions

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Note: User guide in pdf format, 1.5mb size (may take few minutes to fully download)


Installation Guide For Netbook Without External CD-ROM Drive.
Follow the steps stated below:
Firstly, install Powersearch onto a computer with a CD-ROM drive.
Next, plug in a thumbdrive or a portable hard-disk, preferably with at least 600MB of free space, to this computer.
Locate and copy the "hiwire" folder from the local disk (C:) into your thumbdrive or portable hard-disk. (i.e. C:\hiwire).
Take the thumbdrive or portable hard-disk and plug into your netbook.
Select, copy and paste the "hiwire" folder to your netbook local disk (C:)
Open netbook local C: Drive ->"Hiwire" ->"PowerSeartch3" folder
Locate and right click on "powsrch3" application file
Select "Send To Desktop (create shortcut)"
Go to Desktop and dbl click on the Powersearch shortcut icon to run application.
Alternatively, you can purchase a 8GB write-protectable thumbdrive with Powersearch installation setup pre-loaded for only S$35 from us. Kindly call us at 6293 0128 during office hours to place your order.

*For Windows Vista or 7 users, you need to right-click on the Powersearch shortcut icon and click on "Run as Administrator", then click "Allow" to run the program for the first time only.