BizFax Information System
Fax Marketing Strategies - Made SIMPLE

NO MORE JUNK FAXES! You can now broadcast faxes diligently with
BizFax Information System.

The days of sending out faxes in a blind manner, not knowing who it has been sent to is now over with the BizFax Information System. This system is specially designed to enhance the sales and marketing department's efficiency and productivity through its user-friendly components.

All you need to do is to single out your target market with a specific subject that would interest your recipients. You can choose to send direct mail or boardcast your faxes messages or simply follow-up with a phone call. All these can be efficiently organised in a breeze and results enhanced.

The best part is it comes with a locally engineered Hifax that makes Broadcast faxing and Direct Mailing simple and easy.

User-friendly and accurate.
- 330,000 records, 119,000 companies and 70,000 faxes available.
- No limited time usage.
- Mail Label
- Print Merge
- Print Report

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