HomeBiz Information System
Strategic Marketing made SIMPLE

For the past 13 years, we had been providing our HomeBiz data to our customers. Many continued to upgrade and received updated data. They had been very successful with HomeBiz as a marketing tool. Call us to learn some of their secrets.

HomeBiz Information System, the ultimate tool for telemarketeers, mass-mailing, real estate and insurance agents. HomeBiz gives you instant access to 1.2 million HDB/ Private residents, offices and industrial businesses in Singapore! This system can help you work more effectively.

Unlimited time (up to 24 hours each day) to access the data.
- No modem dialup required.
- Fast retrieval of information.
- 1.2 million data listings (Business and Residential).
- 340,000 Business listings.

- Search by postal codes.
- Merge names and addresses to Word document.
- Log-in facility to prevent unauthorised access to the information.
- Type of HDB and year eg 3 rm 1984/ 4 rm 1995/ 5 rm 1989.
- Type of property eg Condo/ Apt/ Bungalow/ Shop/ Semi-D/ Terrace (plus number of storeys).
- Races included such as Chinese, Malay, Indian, Japanese and others.
- Years of occupancy to filter out new and old occupiers.
- Floor areas of condo units, private/landed properties and businesses.
- TOP (temporary occupancy permit) of projects.
- Tenure of properties (eg. 99 years from 2/4/1987, Freehold, 999 years from 1820).
- Images of condos, floor plans, site plans, maps.
- Bi-monthly updates through internet. More accurate and current data save you time and money.
- Confidential addresses for landed properties without tel-numbers.
- Mail Labels. Choose from 24 different labels of 1,2 or 3 columns.
- Print Merge. Prints directly to envelopes or brochures or letters.
- Print Report. Print listings in compact easy to refer format for telemarketing & references.

Hifax Features:
- More than 70,000 fax numbers.
- Mass faxing features.
- Create your own Black List to avoid faxing to unwanted numbers.
- Ability to add new Fax number and company names by yourself.
- Fax several pages from different document at the same time.
- Prints successful and failed faxes.

System Minimum Requirements:
- CPU - Minimum 486-based or Pentium systems recommended.
- RAM Memory - 8 Mbytes and above.
- Disk Space - 180 Mbytes ( for both residential and commercial ).
- Disk Space - another 220 Mbytes ( for condo images, floor plans, site plan and maps ).
- Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 or newer versions.
- Not compatible with Mac OS.
- Hifax Requires Windows XP/2000 or newer versions (Hifax currently does not work with Windows Server 2003/r2012).

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