MAS Excel Forms to XFDF Format Converter
Conversion Made Simple

The MAS Excel Forms to XFDF Converter system was created since 2013 to ease the process of manual input of values into the respective Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) insurance and bank report forms in XFDF format for submission. This system enables the user to convert their existing Excel spreadsheets to XFDF in a 10 seconds thereby saving time and the effort to key in all the values manually.

Our software had made insurance companies more productive in converting Excel to XFDF for submission to MAS and there had no problem. We had direct discussions with the CFO of insurance companies and MAS staff to ensure 100% error free compliance.

We have no problem with Notice 122, General Direct, General Reinsurance, Life Direct, Life Reinsurance, Quarterly Income Expenditure, Bank Monthly Statement of Assets and Liabilities MAS 610. We will definitely have no problem with other MAS Forms.

For a free demo or presentation of the application, kindly contact any of our sales consultants at +65 6293 0128 during office hours.

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MAS Forms Converter
Notice 122

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