SMS Robot
SMS Marketing - Made SIMPLE

Need to sms to hundreds or thousands of people at one go? Hate the hassle of keying in the numbers or typing the message? Well, then
SMS Robot System is for you.

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download  SMS Robot System
- This SMS Robot program is license for evaluation purpose only.
- To obtain a license, please call us at 62930128
- Mass SMS using your own mobile phone linked to a PC using infrared.

Save cost by making use of you free SMS credits you have from your mobile phone service provider.
- Failed SMS can be resend by clicking the button "Resend failed SMS".

Type the SMS message you want to send out to instead of creating them slowly using your mobile phone.
- Save messages you created for future use.
- Create phone books for future use.
- Import phone books from your existing database.
- Buy SMS credits online at only 2 cents each.

*Note: You still have to pay your phone line service provider for each SMS you sent.

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